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Top 8 Mobile Ad Networks For Publishers

Powered by direct relationships and dynamic ad-serving technologies, Leadbolt allows mobile advertisers to reach and acquire quality users at scale. Leadbolt’s AI and analytics-based algorithms assist advertisers with advanced targeting that captivates best-fit audiences to achieve deeper user engagement with maximum ROI. ChartBoost is a mobile advertising network that focuses on direct advertising deals between app developers. ChartBoost solutions work by giving developers a platform to sell advertising space to each other across their apps, allowing them to set their own terms and pricing. was designed with publishers in mind and specializes in native advertisements — although it doesn’t stop there, also including banners and interstitials. This contextual ad network is also global and automatically targets ads, resulting in premium advertising space. The fact that it’s contextual means that, with the help of keywords, users are shown ads that are related to the app they are using at that time, resulting in higher revenue.

Kochava Unified Audience Platform

Our system auto-selects the optimal number of partners, so that you get the best yield for every single impression. We help publishers recover the revenue they are losing due to ad blockers. Our ads adhere to the highest UX standards as laid out by the Acceptable Ads hire iphone app developer standards. Plan and buy reserved inventory deals alongside real-time programmatic bidding. Recognize consumers using a person-level identity framework and orchestrate their brand experience across all screens, with definitive online to offline campaign measurement.

Each product delivers strong stand-alone capabilities and can be seamlessly paired with the rest of our advertising platform for enhanced results. All backed by an open approach that integrates with other leading technologies and services to help you secure maximum results. We deliver local service with a global footprint as one of the world’s largest private and independent advertising rapid application development technology companies. Maximize yield from every single ad impression on your website using a single platform. Our visual ad manager allows point-and-click creation of new ad units and layouts, while our machine learning based layout optimizer drives ad revenue growth using automated A/B testing. Open up your ad inventory for bidding by multiple demand partners in real-time.

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It’s a strong player when it comes to high revenues for developers of mobile apps and websites. Other than that, InMobi offers in-app monetization, ad mediation, and audience bidding for publishers. And for mobile inventory, it deals in display, native, and video ad formats. Currently, it’s working with large publishers like ABC, TMZ, BlackBerry, Pandora, and wattpad.™ enables publishers to seamlessly integrate an automated anti-malvertising solution into their delivery of advertising services. Preventing malicious advertising in real-time on live traffic, behavioral analysis can process 1,000s of ads a second to ensure that no malicious threats are ever seen by an audience. Our mission is to empower publishers to proactively meet current and emerging malvertising threats head-on with transformational technology that is effective, smart and simple. An innovative anti-malvertising security solution, effectively protects java mobile applications development publishers and their audiences and advertisers from malvertising attacks executed through the programmatic advertising ecosystem. Spoutable’s approach combines unique ad units, a variety of media types, and machine learning to create new and high-yielding ad inventory for premium publishers. Spoutable creates highly viewable and engaging inventory that offers additional monetization opportunities for premium publishers. Spoutable’s proprietary Machine Learning algorithms automatically do yield optimization by matching the highest CPM ad unit for each site on an on-going basis.

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With the acquisition, Chartboost will offer game developers a completely new way to reach new players. At the same time, Roostr will benefit from incredible access to the top mobile games — increasing game choices for influencers and enabling them to find the perfect fit for their audiences. Chartboost is a ads monetization platform based on mobile games. It has created a mobile games only platform and provides a supporting SDK to mobile game developers enabling cross-promotion, direct deals, and a mobile ad network. Has been awarded “Best Places to Work 2014” by San Francisco Business Times. Their video ad monetization platform drives programmatic demand to audiences while monetizing them with mobile-first video formats. Fyber connects publishers to over 150 DSPs and further increases competition by selling ad inventory across RTB, PMP, direct campaigns, and more.

StartApp is an insight-driven mobile technology company that states to maximize the publisher’s eCPMs, fill rates, engaged users, and revenue. This is achieved by advanced data insight used by the company to channel ads via programmatic and direct deals. A mobile ad network operates as a connects publishers, advertisers, and marketers.

Facebook Audience Network

Once we’ve found a place for an ad to live, our tech goes to work. It applies a Dynamic Ad Template to adapt the message to fit in to the look and feel of its surroundings, driving the best possible performance. Perfectly designed native advertising™ that scales to reach any audience. Enhanced Ads are for buyers seeking the performance benefits of native advertising™ using the creative assets you already have. Simply target Sharethrough as a standard display or standard outstream source and your ads will automatically fit in and perform. Malvertising and auto-redirects are a growing challenge for digital publishers.™ was developed to solve the revenue impacts and negative consumer experience issues that publishers face as a result of malicious advertisements and redirects.

Spoutable has been proactive in embracing the standards established by the Coalition For Better Ads by creating unique and beautiful ad units that engage and respect website audiences. Leadbolt is a high performance mobile advertising platform for user acquisition and in-app monetization.

Grow With Apptopia

Increasing marketer’s ability to spend more efficiently and effectively on the right impressions to scale brand reach, conversions, and the value of media partners audiences. Connecting streaming TV advertisers with their local audiences across all screens. The local and national brands that surround and support our everyday lives in the cities and neighborhoods where we live. The ad-supported local news and entertainment content where we discover and connect with the businesses that support our communities and lives. ZypTV’s demand-side platform brings the power of programmatic streaming TV to traditional local media – extending reach and effectiveness of existing channels by connecting local businesses with their customers.

Connected and collaborative planning, buying and analytics tools streamline workflow processes and drive incremental performance. Sharethrough powers modern programmatic display chartboost competitors & video ads designed to fit in and stand out. Empowering marketers and publishers to easily modernize their advertising strategies to reach and respect their audience.

Chartboost Revenue, Growth & Competitor Profile

Streaming TV has changed consumer behavior and brought the power of digital advertising to local broadcast media. Local programmatic streaming TV is unique and difficult because of the massive scale and automation required to handle thousands of small, geo-targeted campaigns simultaneously. A full suite of complementary tools which allow you to identify, track and engage with your audience across a wide range of different channels. We have built the most open and transparent advertising technology platform on the market.

RhythmOne is a multi-platform Ad Exchange that helps mobile app developers and web publishers maximize revenue. The company enables publishers to gain access to hundreds of demand partners within its network and provides a variety of solutions to access that demand. Whether through client-side or server-side (Google’s Exchange Bidding) solutions. If you’re running your app’s ad inventory through an ad server such as DFP, multiple mobile advertising networks can give you access to more advertiser demand, higher fill rates, and improved ad earnings. Using your customer data combined with Viant’s 1st and 3rd party data, Adelphic gives marketers a transparent and holistic view of their audience profiles, to help make more informed media strategy and investments. Onboard and match your customer data against 250 million registered users to forecast, manage, and target new segments in seconds.

We’ve helped dozens of companies go from startup to IPO, find out how we can help you take the next step. Get your product in front of passionate people from in-demand chartboost competitors verticals like design, development, cryptocurrency, and tech-savvy early adopters. Our whitelisted ads help you reach more technical, ad-averse audiences.

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See how we’re moving advertising forward while helping companies fuel explosive growth. Our audience cloud is a single point of entry for buyers & sellers to reach, monetize and connect their digital audiences. In a transparent, programmatic environment with pre-bid ad fraud prevention. Our transforms digital advertising with a best in class suite of data and machine learning powered products. Giving brands and publishers the ability to harness the power of their greatest asset, their audience. Device identification & audience intelligence powered by K.A.I. Dynamically optimize and improve performance stats instantly. Experience the power the first modular end to end platform with advanced data-driven tools to buy and sell audiences.

Smaato Company Profile

ChartBoost also allows single developers to freely cross-promote their own apps internally, as well as sign-up to a more traditional paid ad network model. But still, despite the fact that advertising networks are one of the most important channels of getting users on mobile, there are several free services that can help you to show your app to users. Usually, the services allow developers to exchange users with each other. Smaato is another name that comes to mind when talking about real-time bidding and programmatic advertising.

chartboost competitors

Define audience segments using known identity attributes such as demographics, purchase history, and web browsing activity, and extend campaign reach with intelligent lookalike modeling. Maintain customer identities with a fully integrated platform that links devices and offline activities to real people so you can seamlessly execute and measure campaigns. With our self-service DSP, advertisers can execute their programmatic media campaigns across all devices, without worrying about data loss or modeling techniques. Unlike most DSPs, Adelphic is powered by first-party data, bringing the precision of people-based targeting. It’s never been easier to find the developers, designers, early-adopters, or crypto folks who need your product.

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