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In the case that you’re using Windows 10 Home, you won’t have access to the Local Group Policy Editor, but you can still disable the InPrivate experience using the Registry. On Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise, the quickest way to remove the InPrivate browsing experience on Edge is to use the Local Group Policy Editor. If you must disable InPrivate on Edge in your local or corporate network, you can do this in at least two different ways using the Local Group Policy Editor and the Registry.

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Double-click on Allow InPrivate browsing and set it to Disabled. Now right-click on MicrosoftEdge key, click New, and then click Key to create a sub-folder and name it as Main. When there, right-click on the Microsoft key, click New, and choose Key. Use the Win+R keyboard shortcut to open the run box. Right-click the newly created key, selectNew, and click onKey. Right-click the Microsoft key, select New, and click on Key.

Select Options from the WinFlip context menu to open the window below. There you can select some further keyboard and mouse settings for the tab switcher. Note you can also activate this tab switcher by drawing circles with the mouse so long as the Enable mouse trigger check box is selected. Select the Click the edge of desktop to flip option to trigger WinFlip by moving cursor to the desktop’s edges. I don’t know about you but I regularly use the default Windows app switcher, which you can access by pressing Alt + Tab.

How to bring back the old 'Alt + Tab' experience on Windows 10

On Windows 10, when you press Alt + Tab keyboard shortcut, you’ll open app/task switcher and you can move through the windows of the apps with arrow keys or your mouse. However, to show all the windows that are active for another desktop, you have to press the SPACEBAR key. Then you can press TAB again to get back to the top part of the screen and arrow around to which app you want to select. Then press Enter and you will load that app from that desktop.

So if you hold down WINKEY and tap TAB, the Switcher UI pops up on the left edge of the screen. Subsequent taps of TAB will move the focus to other running apps, but not the desktop, which is confusing. Let go of both keys to switch to the current selected app, as before.

Select the Activation tab, and then click the blank space at the top of the left drop-down menu so no hotkey is selected there. Then you can activate WinExposé by pressing just the Tab key instead. Another advantage is that VistaSwitcher has some extra customization options. You can right-click the VistaSwitcher system tray icon and select Preferences to open the window shown in the snapshot below. That opens with the General tab from which you can customize the main VistaSwitcher hotkey, which is Win + F12. Windows Flip 3D disappeared in Windows 8 and was replaced by Switcher and the new edge swipe interfaces.

  • When I used this in Windows 7, it allowed me to alt+tab between both monitors freely.
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You can also accomplish tasks like controlling windows, virtual desktops, taking screenshots, locking your device, and a lot more. I found that its Alt + Tab hotkey didn’t override the default Alt + Tab switcher. However, you can configure the keyboard shortcut by right-clicking the WinExposé system tray icon and selecting Settings.

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